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🌟 Dear Colleague, Ready to Elevate Your Medical/Dental Career in Germany? Unlock Your Path with Our Updated and Proven Roadmap Video Course! 🌟

Are you keen on leveling up your medical / dental career in Germany but feel overwhelmed with bureaucratic complexities, visa application processes, and the critical transition? Well, you're not alone.

My name is Deepak Mishra, an Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgeon based in Germany, and I understand the challenges you're facing. That’s why I’ve created this groundbreaking Online Video Course.

πŸ“Ή Why This Is the Course You've Been Waiting For

First launched in March 2020, this course has already served hundreds of international, Non-EU Doctors and Dentists like yourself. Now a totally new course created in year 2024, it's even better, more relevant information, and more insightful than before.

🌟 Here's Why You ABSOLUTELY Need This Course:

🎯 Comprehensive Guidance: Navigate every juncture from your home base to your destined career position in Germany.

🎯 Insider Industry Tips: Learn actionable strategies that will put you miles ahead in job applications and interviews.

🎯 24/7 Accessibility: The fully online platform lets you take control, learn at your pace, and revisit content whenever you need it.

🎯 Community: A Network of people with common goal about Medical Career in Germany.

πŸ“š Course Curriculum Highlights

  • Master the bureaucratic maze: Get tips to cut through the red tape in Germany.
  • Licensing demystified: Learn everything about Temporary and Permanent Medical Licenses.
  • Visa Application 101: Uncover the mysteries around the critical "Defizitscheid" and general Visa procedures.
  • Ace that Interview: Discover strategies for job interviews and job search that work.
  • Exam Success: Get pointers on study material and preparation for your licensing exams.

πŸŽ₯ Sample Videos? Yes, Please!

Want a sneak peek? Our sample videos lay out the detailed curriculum, providing a comprehensive view of what you stand to gain.

πŸ“† What's New in the 2024 Course?

Enhanced based on feedback and success stories from hundreds of doctors, the updated course is aligned with the latest procedures, rules, and industry trends in Germany.

Don't Leave Your German Medical Career to Chance. Secure Your Spot in the Roadmap Video Course and Take the Guesswork Out of Your Journey!

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Best Regards,

Deepak Mishra
MBBS , India

Orthopedic Surgeon, Germany

Pre-Order NOW !

Course Production to be completed by September 2024