Overview of the course

At the end of this course, you should have learned about the below-mentioned aspects of working as a Doctor in Germany.

  1. Learn about the German Health Care System and the Medical Residency.
  2. Find out different routes for a foreign doctor to enter into the medical system in Germany.
  3. Know about the patterns, preparation strategies and study material for the qualifying Examinations.
  4. Decide for the most appropriate route for you to get into Residency in Germany.
  5. Learn about different requirements and documentation for Medical Licence in Germany.
  6. How to decide for a State in Germany?
  7. How to build a strong Application for Hospitation / Observership and where to send it ?
  8. How to build a strong Application for Job as a Doctor and where to send it ?
  9. Which Visa Category and Process is appropriate for you ?
  10. How to build a strong Application for the Visa Process ?
  11. How to Prepare for a Visa Interview ?
  12. Know about the Arrangements do you need to make before flying to Germany and after reaching here.
  13. How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Germany ?
  14. How to find Accommodation ?
  15. What are the expenses to be expected in the entire process ?
  16. How is the living expenses in Germany?
  17. How much income can I expect during my Residency and after that?
  18. About Residence Permit, Work Permit and German Citizenship

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